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AMG India (Asia Monitor Group India) is a Global Research Community. Once you sign up for Monitor survey Panel, you’ll get to share your thoughts on issues, corporations, brands identity, and many more that matters to you. Your opinions will then influence company's leadership and brands, and help shape their future decisions in a better way. We conduct surveys for global orgainizations in various industries/verticals. Companies need your opinion in making decisions for their business growth.

We give points/rewards for participating in our surveys. You can choose to convert these points/rewards into real cash.

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How we use the data?

We will ask few details about you to let you register as a panelist, in order to answer online market research surveys.

When you sign up all you need to do is feed in a few basic facts and figures about yourself like name and age. This allows us to send only the most appropriate and relevant surveys your way. When we request your address it allows us to send the reward to the correct address which will entertain you.

Please be assured that when we provide this data to the clients, it is never in an individual form. Instead of PII, we send out only aggregated/entire information that doesn’t allow you to be recognised in any way.

We declare that we never share your data with direct marketing agencies, nor do we support the use of private data for large scale marketing campaigns. You will never receive a call for advertising or any sort of promotional activities when you come on-board as a panelist for Asia Monitor Group.

What are the rewards?

You receive an invitation to take a survey from Asia Monitor Group. Once you click on the link, you can access the short surveys. Typically, they range from 10 to 25 minutes in duration. The initial part of the survey is a screener. This section will have questions to determine if you are the right fit panel member to answer a survey (for example a survey about beard shaving will be answered by male members only). If you pass the screener you can proceed to answer the rest of the survey. At the end of the survey you will be shown how many points are added to your account. You will be provided a section to view the points accumulated as well as a ‘redeem’ option.

Every survey makes you eligible to earn between 20 to 250 points. This is in cognizance of your time taken to answer the survey. The reward points can also be redeemed against exciting gifts, deals, and offers.

We are just getting started!

In addition to our Daily Surveys, you will be able to participate in various contests, and quizzes and polls, we are developing new ways to engage you, entertain you and give you opportunities to earn!

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